Tank Engineering (Cryogenic, Spherical, Atmospheric Tank)

액화 천연가스(LNG) 시스템, 냉동 및 저장 시스템 전문 엔지니어링
에너지 효율성 및 안전성을 강조한 최신 기술 적용

Expert engineering in liquefied natural gas (LNG) systems, refrigeration, and storage systems, emphasizing the application of cutting-edge technology for energy efficiency and safety.

The Program of Strength Calculation TankMaster

  • Atmospheric Tank module : (CRT, DRT, FRT)
  • Spherical Tank module : (SPT)
  • Cryogenic Tank module : (Double wall, Single wall)
  • 오랜 EPC company의 경험과 Know-How가 집약된 강도계산 Program
  • User Friendly Program : 타 프로그램처럼 많은 입력 Data를 요구하지 않으면서 완벽한 solution제공
  • 강도계산 종료 즉시 Bill of Material, Data Sheet 및 Loading Data 출력 가능
  • API650/620 Revision시 신속히 프로그램 Update 지원
  • 국내 법규에 완벽하게 대응가능 (고압가스안전관리법, 위험물안전관리법)
  • It has already been approved and verified by many top tier EPC companies around the world and has been verified by many PMC companies